Stick war character controls

stick war character controls

Currently under construction, please contribute! Introduced in Stick War Miner The basic worker unit, Miners serve as the economic backbone for all armies. Let the Stick War commence! Use your Mouse to take control of a character. Use W, A, S, D or arrow keys to move yourn character. Spacebar to mine or attack. these are the controls: Arrow Keys Move/Aim Right Alt Jump Space Bar Shoot Weapon B Use Secondary N & M Switch Weapon Right CTRL. stick war character controls Kill this archidon by attacking him normally. One unique ability of speartons is, they can defend while moving unlike Swordwraths. One of Spearton's best defense features is its armor. I will add it in ASAP. They wield spears and shields of offense and defense. Take control of a miner, get some gold, get lots of swordwrath, get another miner, and take control of one of the swordwrath. When did National Gypsum Company buy the facilities in Medicine Lodge Kansas?

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